Webinar and Virtual Event Marketing

Webinars are the most proven and cost-effective ways of instantly driving leads to the pipeline of your sales. It is a platform for showcasing your offerings to an audience of large numbers effectively and interactively, leveraging the latest technology. Conferences and events are key engagement opportunities for a business. This platform market your offerings among the network of prospects, clients, and partners whom you can meet and build relationships with. If you depend only on your website for generating leads, you will presumably view a conversion rate of around 2%. Even strategies such as marketing will not get you straight to the front of the prospect.

Nevertheless, you may just be putting a lot of effort into getting your message delivered to their inbox. Today, social media users have become pretty savvy in marketing communications, and from miles away, they can identify sales pitches. Webinars are highly engaging. Also, they work over the customer’s entire journey from the thought to the leadership panel discussions and weekly live demos. So, they can generate leads of high quality for sales.

For your sales team, LeadFindrs comes with end-to-end collaboration with your target audience. Our company offers a comprehensive spectrum of services, including subject matter expert speakers, audience acquisition, platform support, reporting, moderation, and lead nurturing on the webinar attendees.

At LeadFindrs, we deliver a comprehensive suite of offerings that is developed over various years to generate relevant audiences for webinars and events across industries. Also, it includes pre- and post-follow-up for obtaining the maximum ROI from the budget. Globally, we generate meetings that cater to the verticals like business analytics, content management, oracle, infrastructure, SAP, travel, media, manufacturing, telecom, retail, healthcare, and BFSI. At industry events, we also help our clients in setting pre-event meetings. Also, we perform programs of post-event lead nurturing for our clients.


We help our clients with virtual events of all kinds:



Product Demos

Online Conferences

End to End management of Webinar

Audience Acquisition

  • With the use of calling and email efforts, reach out to the targeted audience.
  • According to the needs of the clients, build databases of the target audience

Speaker Management

  • We help you in identifying the perfect speakers and also bring them on the board.
  • Speakers from Management experts, Industry experts, or Analyst firms

Social Media Management

  • For promoting your Webinar, organize paid digital campaign
  • Promotion of the Webinar on relevant social media platforms

Reporting and Analysis

  • Understandings of different sections of the Webinar that gathered the most interest
  • Details of participants and registrants who attended the Webinar

Webinar Logistics

  • Developing a landing page for the registration of the candidates
  • Reminding and Saving the date Email
  • Prepare the platform to host the Webinar
  • Moderation of the Webinar

Post Webinar Survey

  • Optional exclusive conference meetings with the attendees
  • Feedback on the Webinar
  • With relevant content, thank you emails to the participants

Content Syndication

  • Creating an On-Demand video for the attendees who have missed the Webinar
  • For social media posts creating Snippets of the Webinar
  • Transcribing Webinar

Post Event Content Creation

  • Content promotion to registrants and participants
  • Creation and design of thought research/ report/ leadership based on the Webinar

Webinar Marketing Kit

We prepare, design and promote webinar marketing materials for you.

Guaranteed Audience

We guarantee a minimum of 25 attendees from your target list of accounts and titles

End to End Management

Webinar management end to end, including logistics and platform management and speaker management

Content Curation

Promotion and content curation post the Webinar, developing an appointment setting model and a lead nurturing rather than a single transaction

360-degree promotion

Acquisition of audience leveraging various promotion and channels with the use of organic and digital paid calling and campaigns, email campaigns

Post Event Engagement

Analysis and reports post events, including creation and design of whitepaper, research report, and article on the Webinar

Our approach to the event audience acquisition

  • By organizing pre-event meetings, we help in maximizing ROI
  • We recruit the target audience for webinars and host events for our clients
  • We organize follow-up post-event with all the attendees that ensure that not any qualified leads are lost
  • Proper lead nurturing ensures that we continue to increase brand awareness and send updates

Why choose us?

  • We have experience across custom and industry events, webinars, thought leadership, and round tables.
  • Over 1000 meetings are set during events each quarter
  • We have experience handling various events, including social media management, pre-event invitation, post-event follow-up, etc.

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