Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation means the outsourcing or recruitment of manpower based on the required skillset. Often enterprises and businesses resort to the services of staff augmentation to avoid hassles and reduce the costs of the recruitment process. We at LeadFindrs offer staff augmentation services to help ramp up your team quickly to meet your business and organizational objectives. Staff Augmentation is vital because it permits the enterprise to hire a diverse team of individuals on a short- or long-term basis. These services assist you in getting access to the skilled team which contributes to your project and promotes the growth of the enterprise or business.

Staff Augmentation

Our client-centric model offers skill-specific and domain recruiting dedicated teams with our recruiting engine and robust talent acquisition. Given the market dynamics, organizations also enjoy the freedom to increase or reduce manpower. Additionally, organizations select staff augmentation services during scenarios like heightened demand, increased production, lack of skilled resources, etc. This process also helps businesses avoid hiring full-time employees. Rather, they can curate a team based on the project’s needs. This service brings you the leverage of offering authority over staff conditions in your business, thereby increasing scalability in the process.

Staff Augmentation services of LeadFindrs include:
Delivery Management
Workplace Management Resources
Database and Middleware professionals

Talent Acquisition

Do you often find talent acquisition a time-consuming, expensive process that often leaves you dissatisfied with the results and high costs? Are you struggling to optimize and standardize the hiring process across your organization? LeadFindrs has years of experience partnering with global staffing and recruitment companies and has expertise in various horizontal and verticals. This gives us an exceptional edge to help you find the best candidate for any role.

Our company believes that you are aware of your business best. However, with our deep knowledge and recruitment expertise in the industry, we can help you find and shortlist the best candidates.

We can support your efforts in recruitment in the following ways:

  1. Understand your pain areas and resourcing requirements
  2. Developing a strategy of customer recruitment to address them
  3. Based on this, search through employee referrals, our database, social networks, and other resources.
  4. Screen candidates and their resumes
  5. Present you the most suitable shortlisted candidates

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency are clear winners here. Additionally, you get rapid and easy scalability, better manager satisfaction, and better quality of candidates.

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