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Are you on the hunt for the most successful outbound lead generation solutions that can boost your sales? Also, you are unsure about where to search for your target audience. Then, a promising solution arrived just around your corner. The outbound lead generation services from the experts like us can eliminate the legwork and drive ROI and brand awareness.

LeadFindrs has gathered the trust of thousands of businesses worldwide as we provide responsive leads that convert into sales. Our outbound lead generation strategy involves telemarketing, list building, email marketing, and many more. We just do not stop at finding the finest leads. Rather, with the steady stream of promotions, we nurture their interest until they become fully ready to take the forthcoming step in sales.

We offer the following outbound lead generation services:

Outbound lead generation is exploited by deceptive marketers often, so it is not at all an easy strategy. This is when we step in. We have immense expertise in outbound lead generation services that can benefit your business both cost and time-wise.

Outbound lead generation services provided by us include-

Exploring opportunity

Equipped with marketing intelligence of high quality, we will be navigating the unexplored markets along with scattered opportunities. Our agents will be looking for leads by running a targeting campaign and attending business events and trade shows.

Social media, email and telemarketing

As your lead generation partners, we will initiate conversations with potential audiences via cold emails and cold calling. Then the messages will be targeted at the audiences which are analytically determined for meeting your sales criteria. Also, we will be driving brand awareness by urging the audience to consider your services or products. We will showcase your brand in the finest light to assist your leads in making a purchase decision.

Tracking and campaign management

Proprietary campaign management tools will be used by us for planning, executing, tracking, and running the analysis for efficient and fast outbound lead generation. We can run the campaigns of targeted marketing from your CRM as well as use trackers to track the response from every channel.

Lead Database

The leads are segmented into groups who respond to our marketing campaigns and are prepared to get the upcoming wave of marketing messages. The database is further cleansed and then prepared in your preferred format. Our lead database will include the B2B leads’ contact leads, the professional information that will be kept confidential, and the preferred process of contact.

Outbound lead generation process followed by us

As lead generation vendors, we have a stellar reputation for ensuring process transparency. So, it is our philosophy of business. Our business policy makes us follow honest methods for finding and engaging your target audience. Following are the lead generation steps that we take:

Requirement Discovery

Once our project gets a green signal, our project heads will allocate resources. Also, responsibilities will be assigned on the basis of the lead volume, deadlines, and the rest of the requirements.

Plan lead generation Strategy

Our company’s project head will be collaborating with the team to finalize the contact strategy and will be involving creative experts and designers in designing the custom campaigns.

Appointment and lead segmentation

The responsive leads will then be segmented into a priority list efficiently, which will then be nurtured with further incentives and content.

Lead generation analytics

Our process from the discovery of lead to the nurturing is documented in analytics data. This data will be used for understanding the market, optimizing the contact strategy, and more.

How Our Lead Generation Service Works

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LeadFindrs delivered outbound call center services to a client in the UK
A customer in the UK benefitted from the boost in the volume of sales of mobile applications. This outbound sales call from LeadFindrs was responsible for the client’s success.

LeadFindrs offered its lead generation services to a company of e-commerce
LeadFindrs enhanced the quality and volume of sales-ready leads and ROI for a top company of e-logistics with its strong lead generation solution


Managed IT Firm, a Long-Term Lead Findrs Client, Closes $150K in One Campaign

LeadFindrs is a brand famous for its lead generation solutions, as we have been providing outbound lead generation services for many years now. With our scalable services, our clients can carve a niche in the business with the ideal advantage of price performance without lagging behind in quality. You will be able to avail the finest outbound lead generation services at flexible rates for driving your business in the proper direction. With our analytics-driven approach, we can assist you in succeeding lead generation that we have perfected with several years of experience.

You can reach us now to outsource lead generation services as we are ready to help you to grow your ROI and business.

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