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With a dedicated team and an industry-leading experience of several years, we at LeadFindrs have been the trusted partner to various reputed brands across several industries. From tech organizations to specific ventures all over the world, LeadFindrs provides industry-explicit skills of lead scale for ensuring that you get the perfect clients for your business. We provide sales development and lead generation services customized for your industry.

Lead Generation and Sales Development Services custom-made for your Industry

Information Technology

It takes an exceptional unparalleled experience and set of skills to stand with and represent the major players in the industry of information technology. LeadFindrs, the B2B lead generation company, provides qualified IT sales appointments and leads through an extensive lead generation for the etch companies. By offering qualified IT leads, we at LeadFindrs fill your need of addressing the demands of the customer as well as maximizing the market growth opportunities.

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The most time-consuming phase of the sales process is the stage of lead generation. To discover your target audience, competition for your goods and services, or select the right person to have an eloquent conversation with can be daunting. We at LeadFindrs help you with the lead generation of software sales. We add value at each stage of the process of sales. Be it email follow-ups, prospect outreach, lead research, or appointment management.

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Telecom industry plays a vital role in the overall growth of other businesses. Some unique challenges are faced by telecom companies in the form of customer demands and technology trends. To keep up with the ever-changing markets, telecom operators are investing in improving capacity and network upgrades continually.

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Changing regulatory environment, evolving modes of patient engagement, and growing costs are some of the elements of the ever-changing landscape of healthcare companies. Moreover, the obligation to go digital has put significant cost pressure on healthcare companies.
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Marketing and Advertising

Generate qualified advertising appointments and leads with the B2B lead generating services of LeadFindrs for advertising and digital marketing services and start to close more deals.
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Business products and Services

Technology development, employee expectations, changes in client demand, and many other factors transform the landscape of business products and services radically. This calls for the service providers to search for lead generation partners that can help them cope with the challenges. LeadFindrs generate qualified sales appointments and lead for the industry of business products and services.

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Human Resource

With more qualified leads, data and meetings drive HR sales. Having many years of experience in HR marketing and sales empowers our lead generation process for the human resources industry. Moreover, we closely work with our clients of human resources to create campaigns of HR lead generates that address their marketing and sales pain points. We can effectively sell into HR with the use of outreach strategies and then messaging those appeal to the perfect HR buyers.
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Management Consulting

LeadFindrs plan, create, and manage the smart campaigns for B2B lead generation for consulting firms. When the goal is generating qualified consulting leads, then LeadFindrs makes an entry. We work with you in planning, creating, and running consulting lead generation campaigns that put our clients in front of qualified decision-makers. We help you to reach as well as engage the perfect consultancy buyers.

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Banking and Financial services

The banking and financial services industry has been undergoing major disruptions due to evolving banking regulations or the traditional banking that defies digital service providers. Moreover, a complicated organizational hierarchy makes it tough for any salesperson to target the relevant decision-makers and set up appointments in the BFS industry. LeadFindrs works with leading ITeS/IT service providers as the extension of their sales team for providing lead generation services in the industry of BFS.

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Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing companies are facing challenges like the expectation of bringing constant innovation in their products, cut-throat competition, and advanced supply chains. Also, manufacturing companies are constantly obligated to maintain and grow their market share, shortening their product life cycle and reducing operating margins. In spite of these challenges, manufacturing companies have the potential to grow as technology has become cheaper, increases in per capita income, and more devices become smart.

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