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From startups to enterprise, LeadFindrs has catered to all and helped businesses grow by leaps and bounds.


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Established in 2015, LeadFindrs is a leading digital marketing outsourcing B2B lead generation service company providing a broad range of lead generation services, marketing services, and outbound sales support for organizations and businesses over industry verticals. Our company serves all sizes and types of businesses determined to carve a forte for themselves via market collaterals, digital marketing activities, sales tricks, and marketing techniques. We use an approach of account-based marketing to reach a worldwide database of contacts from more than 35 million businesses. This enables companies in establishing and expanding markets by connecting with prospects via six lead generation avenues, namely: webinars, website, chat, social, email, and voice.

LeadFindrs, the B2B lead generation service company, is aware of what it takes to become a leader. Thus, it has a pool of digital marketing experts who are carefully recruited to support the success of every client in the utmost upbeat and professional manner. For increasing sales productivity, our company provides assistance to clients by offering their sales team access to a total stack of marketing and sales tools that can drive up qualified and lead generation opportunities. Powered by some intuitive sales technology and equipped with many years of marketing expertise, we help companies grow their businesses exponentially. You may consult and receive advice to fuel the overall growth of your business, no matter your business cycle is at what stage.


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Over the years, here’s how our company has grown!

Inception: In 2015, LeadFindrs started its journey as a CA-based startup. That very year, the company established shops in Iloilo, Philippines’ sleepy little town, with less than 20 employees performing inbound contact center work.

Expansion: In 2017, LeadFindrs accelerated its expeditions and operations in digital marketing on the global network, lead generation services, and outbound call center services. Things pretty much started picking up during that time.
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